Program Fees

Tuition and Fees Overview


Application Fee: $75 USD (non-refundable)

Tuition and fees for one semester: $5,900 USD

Tuition and fees costs includes tuition, books, health and accident insurance, and all university fees, including student activity fees (Speech and Language Laboratory, bus transportation, Student Health Center, and campus recreation).

Cost of living expenses for one semester: $7,613 USD

This is the amount that you must prove you have available for living expenses if you want to receive a visa.

  • On-campus housing is available in shared rooms with an unlimited meal plan for approximately $6,000 USD per semester.
  • If you live off campus, your actual living expenses will vary based on your chosen accommodations.


Payment Policy

Tuition is due before your arrival in Greenville. You should plan to pay your tuition as soon as possible so that you can begin your classes on time.

Until tuition is paid, you will not be able to take a placement test or attend classes.

Paying your tuition promptly will help you to start off your new life as an ECULA student on the right track.

*If you are a student who is sponsored by your government, you must provide a valid financial guarantee before taking a placement test and enrolling in classes.

Payment Methods

Overseas (non-U.S.) Bank Accounts

If using a non-U.S. bank account to pay tuition, Flywire offers a convenient way to pay in your local currency at competitive exchange rates at no added cost to you.

U.S. Bank Accounts

Pay by credit or debit card through the online store.

Refund Policy

ECULA follows ECU’s refund policy.