What is International Virtual Exchange?

International Virtual Exchange uses innovative technology based learning strategies to provide real-time opportunities for students to have meaningful collaboration with peer students at partner institutions around the world.

International Virtual Exchange as a modality has a few defining features:

  • It uses synchronous and asynchronous technology to connect students from diverse countries.
  • It focuses on student – to student facilitated discussion and project based learning.
  • While the topic of the interaction can be anything, it has the explicit objective of helping students develop their global competencies.
  • It is sustained over time.

International Virtual Exchange should not be confused with:

  • Distance education courses that just have international students taking them.
  • Social media groups/activities that allow for students to interact, but have no structured goals or objectives.
  • Lecture courses delivered to/from international locations.

ECU has a robust and mature tradition of International Virtual Exchange and is recognized as a leader in this growing field. At ECU, our International Virtual Exchange initiatives are led by Global Academic Initiatives, an office within Global Affairs. Global Academic Initiatives:

  • Works with faculty to incorporate International Virtual Exchange into their courses.
  • Provides logistic, partnership, technology, and pedagogic support for International Virtual Exchange activities.
  • Manages Global Partners in Education, our consortium of over 40 partner institutions in more than 20 countries that participate in our International Virtual Exchange programming.