Enhance Your Classes

The office of Global Academic Initiatives within the Office of Global Affairs works with faculty to both develop or re-design full courses to be conducted in collaboration with an international partner institution, or to enhance their existing courses with interactive global components. GAI staff will:

  • Provide training on International Virtual Exchange.
  • Consult on best practices in International Virtual Exchange.
  • If needed, help to identify appropriate partners from our partnership network.
  • Provide technical support.
  • Schedule Global Classroom space.

Examples of some recent course enhancements include:

  • An exploration of Mexican/Latino identity with heritage Spanish speaking students at ECU and students in Mexico.
  • A discussion on the teaching of American history between ECU History Education students and U.S. History students in Peru.
  • Small group discussions on business practices with a variety of partners from around the world.
  • A school psychology lecture exchange between ECU and Japan.
  • A panel presentation about immigration and human rights with participants from ECU, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland and Germany followed up with student discussions with each of those groups independently.
  • Russian language exchange between Russian language students at ECU and Russian students in Japan.
  • Performance exchange between dance students at ECU and students in Japan.

If interested in adding a global enhancement to your class, please submit a Course Enhancement Request or fill in the contact form to the right and someone from GAI will be in touch with you.