Invite an Intern

Step 1: Determination of Eligibility

ECU Department:

  • ECU Faculty Supervisor reviews ECU J–1 Student-Intern Faculty Supervisor Responsibilities form
  • Sends prospective Student-Intern the J-1 Prospective Student Intern Verification of Eligibility Form to determine if he/she meets the basic eligibility requirements for the J-1 Student-Intern category. The Prospective Student-Intern returns the completed eligibility form to department.
  • Verifies English language proficiency by completing J-1 Student Intern English Proficiency Form
  • Fills in the information on the DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan
  • ECU Department sends completed documents to OGA by email to

ECU Office of Global Affairs (OGA)

  • Notifies ECU Faculty Supervisor of Student Intern eligibility or, if necessary, other visa categories or types.
  • Upon approval, OGA emails the official DS-7002 to the ECU Faculty Supervisor
  • ECU Faculty Supervisor signs and dates completed DS-7002 (Supervisor line, page 4) and emails to Student Intern to sign and date (Trainee/Intern line, page 1).

Step 2: Complete and Collect Documents

ECU Department collects and submits the following to OGA: