Hey my name is Max, I’m a Junior from Charlotte, majoring in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Comparative Government and International Relations. Outside of school, I like to stay active with Club Boxing and working out, cooking great food, and spending time with good people.

Where did you study abroad?

University of Malta – Spring 23 Semester

What is Your Favorite Memory from Your Time Abroad?

I tried to make a new favorite memory almost every day while I was abroad, however, the ones that stand out to me were my times freediving off the coast of Malta. Everything about freediving was such a rush, from the planning the night before, to the 5am bus ride out to the middle of nowhere, and getting in the water not knowing what lied beneath. The times 10, 15 meters under the water are some of the most peaceful, serene moments I’ve had in my life. Freediving was one of the reasons I chose my program, and I’m glad I took advantage of it while I was there.

How Has Studying Abroad Helped Your Personal and Professional Life?

I feel strange using the term “global perspective”, but it’s a very real thing you get from going abroad. On a personal level, I learned a lot about myself from going abroad. Everything from how I handle stress, to how to be the most confident version of myself I can be. I’m more self aware, and able to approach interactions with people from completely different cultures prudently and have conversations with them without sounding like a ‘typical’ American. I’m excited to see where studying abroad can take me professionally. For now It’s something I’ll have on my resume forever and a critical talking point for certain scenarios.

What Advice Can You Offer to Students Interested in Studying Abroad?

Ignore your excuses and do it. Get out of your comfort zone, you’ll meet new friends and have experiences with them that will last a lifetime. Any work you put in on your application and sacrifices you make will be worth it. While you’re abroad, take it one day at a time. Say yes to a lot of things, these will be some of the most enjoyable moments of your life. Most importantly, your time abroad is temporary, make time to reflect but take advantage and make memories that last forever.

Do You Have Any Plans or Ideas to Travel Abroad Again?

Yes! I want to go everywhere… not very realistic though unfortunately. Something I realized while traveling is that language is the barrier between having a touristic lens, and being able to immerse yourself in a culture. So in the next year, I plan to re-learn a base level of Spanish and travel to South America for about a month. After this, I want travel to some Asian countries. My bucket list is Japan, Thailand, southeastern China, and South Korea.

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