Lucy Anna

Lucy Anna Sheaffer, she/her, Beaufort, NC

Majoring in Nutrition Science and Public Health

Studied abroad in Italy first summer session of 2022! I’m a junior at ECU in the Honors College! I love being involved on campus and making friends. My hobbies include throwing pottery, cooking, and spending lots of time at the beach!

Where did you study abroad?


What is Your Favorite Memory from Your Time Abroad?

Running into a random Lemon Festival on the Piazza outside our hotel in Cinque Terre

How Has Studying Abroad Helped Your Personal and Professional Life?

I met some of my best friends I’ve ever had, I got to explore a new culture at unimaginable depths, and gained confidence in being able to travel abroad.

What Advice Can You Offer to Students Interested in Studying Abroad?

Do it! There are so many opportunities and resources here to help you!

Do You Have Any Plans or Ideas to Travel Abroad Again?

Yes! I’d love to do a major specific program.

You can email Lucy Anna at to learn more about her experience!