Required Medical Insurance

Federal regulations make health insurance a condition of the J-1 exchange visitor status in the U.S. and specify the types and levels of coverage. The requirement applies to all exchange visitors and J-2 dependents for the entire duration of the J-1 program.

To comply with Department of State’s regulations, you will need to enroll in coverage that meets these requirements. ECU has contracted with GeoBlue to provide health insurance coverage that meets these requirements for our J-1 and J-2 exchange visitors. GeoBlue insurance plan brochure.

Below, you will find instructions on how to enroll in this coverage. You do not need to be in the U.S. to enroll in coverage. We ask that you purchase this insurance before arriving in the U.S. The period of required health insurance coverage is the actual duration of the exchange visitor’s participation in the program.

  1. Go to the Geo Blue website
  2. Enter ECU’s group access code, NZF-627, in the box under the section labeled “Students” along the right side bar
  3. Select “new” enrollment
  4. Once you enroll, you will receive an email from GeoBlue with instruction on how to register with their website. Please be sure to register, login, and print your ID card. You will need to present your ID card at each doctor or hospital visit.

Policy rates* for GeoBlue are as follows:

J-1 Exchange Visitor: $35 per week
J-1 Exchange Visitor + J-2 spouse: $152.20 per week
J-1 Exchange Visitor + J-2 child(ren): $90.13 per week
J-1 Exchange Visitors +J-2 family (spouse and 1 or more children): $208.20 per week

GeoBlue accepts payments using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

*Rates as of 9/6/2022. These rates are subject to change each year.