Proposal Process

The program proposal is an intensive process that should be started a minimum of six (6) months before the deadlines listed below:

  • Spring Break: August 1st of the year prior
  • Fall Embedded: August 15th of the year prior
  • Summer: August 31st of the year prior

The proposal itself should start with a conversation with your sponsoring department. The proposal application is made up of the following major areas:

  • Program Information
  • Academic & Enrollment Information
  • Program Logistics
  • Program Marketing & Promotion
  • ECU-Led Program Budget

Once the proposal is submitted it will need to be approved by your Education Abroad Coordinator, the sponsoring department(s) chair(s), dean(s), and finally the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs.

Before starting the proposal application, we recommend working through the Faculty Handbook which will act as a living resource for you throughout this process.

If you have questions, please reach out to your Education Abroad Coordinator.