International Collaboration

ECU recognizes two forms of international agreement. A Memorandum of Understanding is a broad acknowledgement that the signatories have formed an official relationship and commits the signatories to investigate more specific activities that will lead to mutual benefit, without binding the parties to any particular actions. A Memorandum of Agreement is a more explicit document that details specific activities that will take place between the parties.

Memorandum of understanding



Agreement Process

The office of Global Affairs (OGA) administers and manages all agreements with international institutions. To facilitate the development of agreements, OGA, in consultation with University Counsel, Institutional Planning, Assessment, and Research, and the Provost’s Office, has developed the following procedures.

For ECU Faculty and Staff

Step 1:

ECU faculty and staff who have established international connections should contact the Executive Director of Global Affairs to discuss the potential activities and benefits of the proposed agreement.

Step 2:

Obtain a letter of support from your Department Chair and Dean.

Step 3:

Provide OGA contact information for your international contact.

Step 4:

OGA will liaise with the partner’s International Office and Ecu stakeholders to establish and MOU/MOA.

Step 5:

Once a final MOU/MOA is agreed upon, OGA will provide a letter of support.

Step 6:

OGA will present the agreement packet, including letters of support and the agreed upon MOU/MOA to the Academic Council and appropriate Vice Chancellors for their approval.

Step 7:

Signed agreement will be housed and catalogued at the Office of Global Affairs.

Step 8:

As required by SACSCOC, OGA will send signed copy of the MOU/MOA to SACSCOC.

Step 9:

OGA will follow-up with the unit of record annually to review the partnership.

Consult ECU’s MOU Development Procedures document for more detailed information.

For International Institutions

International institutions that would like to initiate an agreement with ECU, please contact Dr. Jon Rezek, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Global Affairs.