International Virtual Exchange: Course Initiatives

The office of Global Academic Initiatives works with faculty to enhance their existing courses to add interactive global components. Global Academic Initiatives staff will then work with you to design the enhancement, prepare students, recruit partners, and coordinate and facilitate the interaction.

Examples of some recent course enhancements include:

  • An exploration of Mexican/Latino identity with heritage Spanish speaking students at ECU and students in Mexico.
  • A discussion on the teaching of American history between ECU History Education students and U.S. History students in Peru.
  • Small group discussions on business practices with a variety of partners from around the world.
  • A school psychology lecture exchange between ECU and Japan.
  • A panel presentation about immigration and human rights with participants from ECU, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland and Germany followed up with student discussions with each of those groups independently.
  • Russian language exchange between Russian language students at ECU and English students in Russia.
  • Performance exchange between dance students at ECU and students in Japan.

If interested in adding a global enhancement to your class, please submit a Course Enhancement Request and someone from GAI will be in touch with you.