ECU Passport Facility

ECU Passport Services

Let us help you apply for a passport! Whether you’re getting one for the first time, or renewing a passport issued when you were younger than 16 or renewing a passport that is more than 5 years expired, we can assist.

We make appointments between 9-3:30 PM, Monday through Friday when agents are available. 3:00 PM is the last appointment time in a given day. You can e-mail if you have any questions.

If you have previously had a passport, you may be able to renew using the DS-82 form. Please review the questions on that form to see if you can renew by mail.

Below you’ll find what you need to bring with you at the time of the appointment.

  1. A completed form DS-11
  2. Certified copy of your U. S. citizenship evidence. NOTE: Photocopies, notarized copies, and hospital birth certificates are not acceptable. Examples are previous passports, original birth certificates and certified copies of your birth certificate.
  3. Valid government issued photo ID.
  4. A photocopy, front and back, of your valid photo ID.
  5. One color passport photo, size: 2” x 2”. Photos are available on site for a $10 fee.
    • Current ECU students can get one photo at no additional cost.
  6. Appropriate passport fees.

NOTE: At this time, we can only accept checks and money orders.

Paid to the Department of State

  1. Adult passport fees: $130/passport book; $30/passport card
  2. Minor (under 16) passport fees: $100/passport book; $15/passport card

Paid to ECU $35 application fee is charged for each application submitted.

*Children under 16 require the consent of both parents, or the parent having sole legal custody, for passport issuance. Contact us if you have any questions.

*Fees and forms can be changed at any time by the US Department of State. The most up to date forms and fees can be found on the State Department website.


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