Global Fellow FAQs

Can you be a Global Fellow on a shortened timeline?

Yes! While the program is designed to provide different opportunities across four years at ECU, if you are transferring in or operating on an alternate timeline you can still participate in this program. It is possible to engage in all the program’s activities on an accelerated timeline.

As a Global Fellow, do I have to participate in all aspects?

Some of the aspects of the program are required; however, there is some flexibility for other included activities. While you can elect not to participate in some portions of the program, it is specially designed so that upon graduation you have a shining resume that will put you on a strong career trajectory.

Are the study abroad programs open to ECU students limited to specific programs?

As a Global Fellow, you can participate in any of the study abroad programs offered at ECU. We have over 250 different program options ranging from spring break programs lasting 7-10 days, to summer programs that run 2 to 8 weeks, to full semester or even full academic year programs.

Do you need to know another language in order to study abroad?

No! All of our programs offer courses in English and it is not required to learn a foreign language to study abroad. There is also in-country support available to help you navigate any potential language barriers.

What is included in the Career Preparation Series?

The Career Preparation Series is a collaboration between Global Affairs and ECU’s Career Services office. Session topics include resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, understanding the job search process, leveraging your study abroad experience, and finding international internships and jobs through Going Global.

What internships are available?

At present, we offer a variety of internships within the Office of Global Affairs. These include opportunities to work with social media and communication plans for Education Abroad and International Enrollment and Engagement, opportunities to work as technical and communication support specialists in Global Understanding courses, and more!