Hey! My name is Aspen Earley and I studied abroad in Adelaide, South Australia in the Spring 2020 semester, despite studying abroad during these challenging times I managed to still have the best experience of my life! 

How Has Study Abroad Helped Your Personal and Professional Life?
I personally believe that my experience changed not only my personal life but as well as my professional life. Being in Australia allowed me to realize my true passion of international business and allowed me to expand my horizons within my major! 

What Advice Can You Offer to Students Interested in Studying Abroad?
If you or anyone you know are considering studying abroad, I say you should go for it! Along with being A global ambassador I am also a Sorority member and have a very time consuming job, and with all of those commitments I was still able to go with the upmost support from all my organizations, so don’t let anything hold you back from following your dreams!

Do You Have Any Plans or Ideas to Travel Abroad Again?
When traveling is an option again, I have true intentions to not only travel back to Adelaide, but to finish the traveling plans I had with the lifelong friends I made during my experience. 

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