My name is Mikayla Chambers, I am a junior majoring in exercise psychology aspiring to be an athletic trainer. In addition to traveling, I enjoy painting and hiking in my free time!

Where did you study abroad?

Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy

What is your favorite memory from your time abroad?

My favorite memory from studying abroad was hiking to the top Riom maggiore, a trail in Cinque Terre. From start to finish, every sight was beautiful to see. In between the hike is a stop in the main plaza and the Italian Culture was amazing to see. People were dancing in the streets parading and throwing confetti while marching with incredibly designed floats and mascots.

How has studying abroad helped your personal or professional life?

studying abroad has helped me become more independent and responsible. While being abroad I learned how to become more financially responsible and developed quick thinking. Being in another country transportation can be more difficult to get a hang of, but over time while being there I learned I how to think quickly.

What advice can you offer to students who are interested in study abroad?

take advantage of the opportunity! Studying abroad during the school year gives you the opportunity to earn credits that count towards graduation requirements while learning in a different environment. Having experienced learning outside of your standard classroom setting, in another country allows you to gain another perspective that helps you stand out on resumes, internships, and jobs!

Do you have any future plans or ideas to travel abroad again?

I have plans to do a summer program through ECU that is centered around health for areas where health resources are limited. The program offers the opportunity to earn credits that will count towards electives.

E-mail chambersm17@students.ecu.edu if you have questions for Mikayla.